Monday, January 23, 2012

Hot off the press: Moltensteelman and Flamboni stickers are now available for sale

Our high quality outdoor vinyl stickers are now for sale, $2.00 each or buy three for $5.00. They're available locally in Portland and Salem and we will soon be adding them to our website on the Buy Cool Stuff page. The Moltensteelman logo sticker is a 3" round sticker, shown on a black background. The Flamboni sticker is a red 3" square, shown on a grey background.

Show your support by displaying our stickers! Sticker sales help us fund our projects and we appreciate your help. This year, your sticker purchase will help us get the Flamboni up and going better than ever, and help us develop some new and exciting projects.

What's a Flamboni? The Flamboni is an electric golf cart we modified to resemble a miniature ice rink resurfacing machine. We painted it like a shark and it is equipped with a propane powered flame cannon mounted on top. Learn more about the Flamboni here:

New to the lineup we have Moltensteelman patches for $5.00 each and Flamboni magnets (same size, shape and design as the sticker) also $5.00 each. The magnets are .030" thick for extra holding power.
These items are now available on our website