Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New front track system for the SARP-10

SARP-10 fusalage
rear track assembly

Front track wheel assembly

front track ready to install on ship
 The SARP-10 is our sleep and recovery pod. we started building this project in 2010, the pod is designed to look like a space ship and to make camping more fun in loud ande dusty environments. See our web site for more details. http://www.moltensteelman.com/otherprojects.html
The SARP-10 is now getting a new front track and internal frame to mount sliding window shades. The rear tracks recently were modified to increase strength and durability. The front track is from a snow blower. An  aluminum frame was made and custom linkage to allow the track to be raised and lowered for leveling the ship.
New front track assembly with an electric actuator for leveling the ship.
Next we will be adding the vents and later this year we will add the wings and dorsal fin.
A/C exhaust vents have been installed