Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working on a new camping kitchen

We are currently building a new kitchen set up to augment the SARP-10. The cabinets are an aluminum module system built as free standing components, or they can be attached together for a complete kitchen system. The system includes a Magic Chef propane oven, a small sink with hand pump faucet, cabinets, cupboards and a stainless steel counter top. We designed this kitchen to stack together quickly without the use of tools and break down for easy transport. We'll post more photos of the project soon.

kitchen concept

Moltensteelman using a press brake to bend the housing for the oven.
Aluminum parts bent and ready for welding, after peeling the PVC of course.

Anne peeling the PVC to prepare parts for welding, the PVC is used to protect the surface of the material during processing.
Plasma cutting the hole for the sink and faucet.


Propane oven with aluminum housing mostly built.
Update: 4/17/2012
The kitchen is nearing completion, currently adding cabnet doors to the counter tops. We will be testing the new kitchen this weekend and should have some more photos next week.

Update: 5/2/2012
Testing the new kitchen. Everything seems to be working well, only a few minor finishing touches and it will be complete. 

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