Friday, May 25, 2012

What comes after The Walking Beast?

We all love The Walking Beast but it is not designed to last forever. A lot of people ask me, “what next?” and I have something on my drawing board that I cannot wait to start to build. Starting in October 2012, I will be designing and building a prototype of the next generation Moltensteelman giant walking machine.  This one will be a six-legged machine that I am calling the Hexapod until I find a better name.
With six legs, the Hexapod will be more efficient and offer a smoother ride with a faster walking gate. It will have a sidestep capability so that the legs can navigate corners and steering.  I am a mechanic, not a computer programmer, so this machine will initially be mechanically driven.  This is so I can figure out the linkage and get everything working correctly before investing in the expense of computer-controlled hydraulics.
The Hexapod prototype will be the start of a bigger and better future-generation Walking Beast.  If we win the $10,000 Boca Bearings contest prize, I would use that money to pay for the aluminum, custom machined cam lobes, and a whole lot of v-roller bearings. 

You can vote for us this month through may 31st.
 The Walking Beast
Thank You

Update: The Walking Beast has won the month of May in the Boca Bearing innovation contest. At the end of the year all projects with a winning month will be considered for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.
Aluminum prototype leg for the mech chariot
Update: 10/23/2012
 Currently working on a new linkage system for the mech chariot and the hexapod. We will use the chariot for testing and improving the linkage that will be used for the hexapod. Hoping to have a video up sometime in December.


  1. The Walking Beast is currently in the lead with 492 votes but, second place is catching up quickly. Help us stay in the winners circle and vote for The Walking Beast.Thank You.

  2. This months contest end May 31st. feel free to share the link. Thank You your support is appreciated.